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Why It’s Important to Have a Complete Home Inventory

October 30, 2018

Having an inventory of possessions in your home can prevent insurance headaches down the road. Here’s why we advise creating a complete home inventory.

After a disaster strikes, you don’t want to have to hope that all of your possessions are covered by your insurance. Here’s why we advise that you complete a thorough home inventory as soon as possible.

It Helps You Purchase the Right Insurance

The amount of coverage you need for your belongings will depend on what they are and their value. By completing an accurate inventory of all of your possessions in advance, our agents will be able to help you know which type of coverage best suits your needs. These inventories can be made with pen and paper, or digital inventories can be made with Excel sheets, photographs, or videos.

Simplify Filing a Claim

No one wants to be in a situation where filing an insurance claim is necessary, but we Louisiana residents understand that potential hurricane damage can happen, no matter how much we prepare. If the situation should arise, you want the proceedings to be as simple as possible. Completing a thorough home inventory can significantly simplify the homeowners insurance claim process, as all items that are covered will already be documented. When disaster strikes, it can be difficult to think straight; that’s why this type of preparation is best done when level-headed, well before the need arises.
Substantiate Financial Loss for Tax Filings

It’s not just in the realm of insurance where you can benefit from having a home inventory. Many catastrophes qualify U.S. citizens and Louisiana residents for tax breaks or disaster assistance, but substantiating insurance claims without a previously-created home inventory can be difficult and time-consuming. In order to quickly receive any tax breaks or financial assistance with much less red tape, we advise all of our clients to make a home inventory as soon as possible.
Although making a home inventory may seem daunting, suffering damage and loss without one is much more complicated. We’ve even made it easier for you by providing this excel sheet home inventory template for you to download! For more information about how to make a home inventory or find the right claim for your home or car, call Darryl Murphy Insurance at 225-698-6789 today!

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