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The Basics of Mobile Home Coverage

November 16, 2017
Mobile home in trailer park

No matter your lifestyle, you always want to make sure you and your belongings are protected. If your home has wheels, and your spirit has the desire to travel, you should look into mobile home insurance.

What is Mobile Home Coverage?

Mobile home insurance policies provide coverage for your manufactured home, personal property and liability claims. There are two basic coverages typically included: physical damage and personal liability. In addition, these policies are going to be based on either replacement cost or actual cash value.

Physical Damage

Damage to your mobile home, belongings or other structures will be covered by physical damage coverage. Covered structures may consist of attached patios, decks, garages and storage sheds. The coverage will come into effect as a result of physical loss from perils such as fire, wind, hail, theft, vandalism, falling objects, etc. It is important to realize that flooding is not covered by your mobile home insurance policy, nor is your home covered while it is in transit.

Personal Liability

Liability coverage will protect you, up to your limit of coverage, if you are found legally responsible after someone is injured or their property is damaged because of you. However, liability coverage does not cover an injury to your or another member of your household. The coverage may include medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering and even property damage to others. Take time and review your coverage with your agent to make sure you are properly insured. Sometimes, the amount of insurance needed to protect you and your assets is not enough with only a standard mobile home insurance policy.

Peril Policies

When physical damage is caused to your property by perils such as fire, wind etc. your physical damage coverage on your policy is activated. However, “named perils” policies are also available. They may have lower premiums, but they only cover certain causes of loss actually listed in the policy. If your mobile home is damaged by any peril other than what the policy specifically names, then you will not be covered and you will have to spend your own money to repair damages and replace personal property.

To avoid this scenario, we strongly recommend comprehensive coverage (anything causing damage that is not excluded, is covered).

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