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The Advantages of a Local Agent Over an Online Service

October 26, 2017

Our society is captivated by technology. We want things faster, cheaper and easier. However, is it worth it? The following are reasons why you should invest in a relationship with your local agent versus an online service.

Insurance can be overwhelming and scary for most, and it is my job to make sure you, the insured, have the coverage and service you need to succeed. An online service may be something you can use at home, but you will fall into the trap of “you get what you pay for.”

Customer Service Matters

It’s no surprise that as each generation joins the workforce, we are learning how to communicate and do business in new and advanced ways. Technology has helped our society become sophisticated and efficient, however, it has also made it difficult to create and promote relationships. With a local agent, you have the ability to call your own personal representative; your person who is there to represent you first and foremost. You can drive to the office and meet face-to-face and talk through coverages and questions. Excellent customer service and hands-on attention are very difficult to experience with online insurance services.

Not all Insurance is Created Equal

With a local agent, you can find comfort in the advice of a professional. I have knowledge of the coverages and products that best fit your personal needs. Many insurers/companies push to sell products and coverages with the best margins, not because they are necessarily needed. Often times when insureds use online services they do not read the fine print of the policies, they do not purchase the correct limits or endorsements, they buy too much or too little. Essentially, you may find a cheaper price online, but are you really paying for the right coverages? Or, are you just paying for a sheet of paper that says “insurance”? As a risk becomes more complex, it is nice to have an agent on your side to be able to review your policy and to help you make your insurance decisions.

Claims Happen

They are unfortunate, yet they are the reason we have insurance; claims. They happen and when they do, you want someone to be in your corner to help you through the process. It is reassuring to have your agent to lean on and ask for when claims occur. What do I do? What happens next? All questions you and your local agent can work through. With an online service, you are typically assigned an adjuster or representative, and it is not going to be someone you have a relationship with at all. The relationship is key in insurance. A relationship will make you feel secure, important and confident. Remember, we work for you and we want you to be our priority.

Keep It Local and Help Your Community

As more businesses and products turn to online platforms, local businesses must strive to keep their appeal. True you can buy insurance online, but you can also work with your local agent and promote and enhance your local community. Local businesses recycle a large share of their revenue back into the community, therefore, enriching it for all. Every city is unique, and the overall presence of local businesses in a community gives it its own flare. By supporting local business, you are keeping the uniqueness of your community preserved for generations to come.

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