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Protecting Your Home From Winter Weather

December 28, 2018
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Louisiana homeowners face a bigger threat from hurricanes than snowstorms, but homeowners should take a few steps to prepare for below-average temperatures.

Fortunately, Louisiana’s mild climate means local homeowners don’t have to worry too much about winter weather. But Old Man Winter does occasionally make an appearance in the Pelican State, so it’s important to have your home prepared for plummeting temperatures.

Inspect the Furnace

Average local temperatures are in the 50s during January and February, so chances are you’ll be running the heat over the next few months. Make sure the furnace and blower are operating properly at the beginning of the season. You should also replace the filter, then change it every month or two to keep the system operating efficiently. This is a good time to schedule your yearly system inspection!

Leave Faucets Dripping

Freezing temperatures aren’t just uncomfortable; they also present a threat to the pipes in your home. Water expands as it freezes, and that includes water in pipes as well. If this water expands, it can cause pipes to burst, causing serious damage. This can be avoided by leaving pipes dripping slightly when it’s very cold outside. Don’t forget outdoor faucets, hoses, sprinklers, and pipes in unheated areas of the house.

Don’t Forget the Car

At the beginning of winter, it’s wise to prepare an emergency kit for the car, just in case. It should consist of a blanket, bottled water, extra phone charger, flashlight, and first aid kit. Vehicle fluids, like antifreeze, oil, etc., should also be topped off. While we don’t often have to drive in snow and ice in our state, even rain can cause treacherous conditions, especially in below-average temperatures. Try to avoid driving when any freezing is expected, or keep it limited to daytime travel only, eliminating back road shortcuts. You should also have the phone numbers for your auto insurance company and roadside assistance saved in your phone in the case of an accident.

While Louisiana homeowners usually face more of a threat from hurricanes than winter weather, preparedness eliminates being caught off guard. This includes equipping yourself with the right homeowners insurance to protect your family’s house and belongings. Darryl Murphy Insurance understands the unique insurance needs of Louisiana homeowners, and we can help you in the event of winter weather-related damage. Contact us now or call Darryl Murphy Insurance at 225-698-6789 to file a claim if you’ve experienced winter weather damage at your home.

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